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Becoming a pro artist

What are the advantages of this recognition?

This recognition of being a professional artist in French Polynesia is to « to better assess the needs of this sector, to encourage artistic disciplines and bring an effort to encourage the professionalism of artists in general. The introduction of this status will help to implement all the measures to stimulate the development of a real economy of art & culture in French Polynesia  »

Professional artists can now benefit from financial support through the assistance to artistic creation. Artists can also enjoy a newly creative space, the « HamaniLab », which can accommodate up to 10 artists for a period of 6 months.
This website is also one of the promotional tools of artistic creation implemented to promote professional Polynesian artists.

Who can benefit ?

The status allows both traditional and contemporary arts including: visual and graphic arts, audio and sound arts, literature, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary arts and performing arts. One way to keep the traditional artistic practices is to support young artists in this evolving art.

Any artist who can prove an artistic activity of 3 years can apply for recognition of his activity at the service of Culture.

Request form for a professional artist status card (french version)

Help with literature and artistic creation

This system aims to:

  • encourage artistic and literary initiatives putting into perspective the cultural identity of French Polynesia;
  • encourage research activities and processes associated with the creation or interpretation of artistic or literary works;
  • support projects developed in partnership to strengthen solidarity within the Polynesian society;
  • encourage projects promoting the accessibility of public Polynesian artistic and literary works produced in French Polynesia and radiation;
  • support artistic and literary projects that contribute to the professionalization of young artists;
  • increase the visibility of artists and writers in their community;
  • promote, through artistic and literary creation, expression of cultural, social, economic and environmental determinants of French Polynesia.

Only physical persons can apply and must be excluded from receiving public aid.

It is intended for professional artists recognized with professional artist status while including new artists and groups of artists and / or writers.

Since it has been created, this status has helped musicians to create their albums (Vaiteani, Grace Laughlin), to organize concerts (John Gabilou at Olympia FRANCE) or to manage a part of their travel expenses for cultural events (HTJ and Chronos)

Help Form for creative and artistic creation (french version)

The subsidies for cultural associations

The conditions and criterias for the benefit of a financial aid to legal persons other than municipalities are defined by the law of the country No. 2009-15 of 24 August 2009.

Financial aids covered by the law include aids or subsidies which result in financial contributions and which relate to:

  • to support the general activities of a corporation or its operation;
  • to partially finance an action or program of actions brought by a legal person, including the organization of cultural events.

Who can receive a grant?

Only legal entities, cultural associations or federations may receive grants. Natural persons are excluded from the subsidy system, but are eligible for individual assistance for literary and artistic creation (see the individual aid device to the literary and artistic creation)

What are the eligible cultural fields?

The cultural associations aid device affects all artistic fields: dance, music, visual arts, writing, handicrafts, theater, public speaking, etc., all in their traditional and modern expressions.
Indeed, two categories exist: one titled « culture and contemporary art » and the other « heritage and transmission of knowledge. »
The themes of the projects are 100% free but must however be part of a recovery process of the identity and the Polynesian culture.

Grant Application Form from an Association (french version)


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The recent opening of HAMANI LAB, an artists workshop in Tipaerui and managed by the same name association is to federate artists, organizing artistic cultural events and promote their work.

This workshop and artistic creation can accommodate up to 10 artists for a period of six months, renewable.

For more information contact us .

Opening of the artist workshop Hamani Lab in Tipaerui

Since March 2017, a workshop has been made available to artists of the fenua holding a professional artist card by the Ministry of Culture.