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Official online release – June 2017

The Department of Culture and Heritage of French Polynesia is proud to present ARTISTES.PF, the new site for the promotion of artists from French Polynesia holding a professional artist’s status.

The Polynesian society enjoys a varied artistic richness. However, all these artistic domains were never legally supervised. Therefore, measures in favor of artistic practices were more necessary than ever.

Professional artist status: what will it bring and who will benefit from it?

The government, through the Ministry of Culture, is finally applying the recognition of Polynesian artists. It is not only a question of having a professional card, but it is a whole system that is set up to try to frame the artistic activities.

Artists holding a professional card are exempt from the contribution of licenses and value added tax. Nevertheless, they remain liable for all tax liabilities relating to these taxes.

The law of country No. 2016-18, adopted by the Assembly of French Polynesia and promulgated by the President of French Polynesia, allows since May 19, 2016 the recognition of the artistic professions and various measures in favor of Art in French Polynesia. The official document is available by clicking here (french).

You can also read the application decree n ° 888 CM of 7 July 2016 by clicking here (french).

On the other hand, certain capacities come into effect as from the institution of the necessary measures of application.

So, in tax matters, capacities planning the exemption from taxes in the import of works of art came into effect in July 2016 allowing the services of the Direction of the customs to update their computing software.

As regards professional artists’ cards, the law of the country provides for consultation of a commission before any decision of the Minister of Culture.

Order No. 888 / CM of july 7th, 2016 issued for the application of the law of country No. 2016-18 of May 19, 2016 recognizing the artistic professions and various measures in favor of the art specifies the modalities of operation Of the Committee.

These provisions come into force on the creation of this commission, whose personalities, representing professional artists, were designated by Order n ° 0525PR of 18 July 2016.

The Department of Culture and Heritage is responsible for the administrative procedures for obtaining the professional artist’s card, makes application forms available to the applicants in the premises of the service, located at Pointe des pêcheurs in Punaauia city and on its website (www.culture-

Person in charge of the processing of files within the department of culture and heritage in Punaauia:

Mrs Vahinehau TEAHA
The Department of Culture and Heritage

Punaauia (TAHITI)
PK 15, route de la Pêcheurs – Punaauia
Tel: +689 40 50 71 77 (general inquiry) / +689 40 50 71 92 (regular office)
Fax. : +689 40 42 01 28 (administration)

Days and times for processing applications:

Monday and Tuesday:

- Welcome, information, organization, assistance with the constitution of files

- Friday: Filing and reception of the complete files

– From 7:30 to 12:00

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Welcome to our new site! How to get the professional artist card in French Polynesia? Follow the administrative procedures necessary to obtain it. Discover also the Aid for creative literary and artistic creation as well as subsidies for associations with a cultural vocation.

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